Light of Aiaran apk mod apk data destcription games : Open World MMORPG
Meet the friends of Land of Theia in Light of Aiaran, and explore different biomes and regions.

Features games :
- Real-time Open Field Battles!
Real time PVP with your friends
- Transform into ‘Luminous’
Transform into a giant god of war and wreak havoc
- Explore the Dungeons
Explore 25 different dungeons with your companions
- Insane World Bosses
Unite with others to destroy devastating world bosses
- Unique Character Customization!
Dress up your characters with stylish costumes
- Upgrade Your Gears and Get Ready for Battle
Upgrade your items and colorful wings
- Build Your Own Empire
Buy and upgrade production sites all over the territory to obtain valuable resources

Download :
Light of Aiaran