Mihoyo's 崩坏3 Honkai Impact also known as Gun Girls Z 3 is now playable on both Android and iOS devices. The game has been receiving a lot of attention lately in the global gaming market due to the superb Anime eye-candy HD graphics. The developers recently added Japanese voices for all of the playable characters in the game, though a follower of mine mentions that it's the same voices from their previous title Gun Girls Z. I've updated the registration guide below just in case you find my gameplay video interesting~!

New Registration Method
1. Visit the Official Site http://www.bh3.com/
2. Click on the Bottom Download for Android
3. Install the Game
4. Run the game. Click on the MIDDLE Bottom Button.
5. Click on the TOP Button for E-mail Registration.
6. Email, Random Password, Password Confirm, Captcha
7. Leave other spots blank and continue. Enter and Play
8. Once you're in the lobby.
9. Click on top left to visit profile & change your character name.
10. You can also do e-mail confirmation on your profile page.

Switch to JP Voices
1. Go to the Settings/Options Menu.
2. Top Menu > CV Check Box located on the top move it Right to Left.
3. Tap your character in the lobby to test.
4. You can also set the game graphics slider to the far right for HD.
5. Make sure to set the game from 30FPS to 60FPS!

Other Registration Method
You can also e-mail register here.
Once you're in the game left button to login.

There is no English version available yet or planned at the moment. Is the game fun? To be honest, the combat seems to get pretty repetitive fairly fast and there doesn't seem to be much combo action involved. Dodging attacks is fun though~! I just reached Chapter 3 last night and logged off. I will see how it fairs from there on out and post some more videos later this week.

For download https://goo.gl/zx6a2t